This temple is situated in the out skirts of Hombuja and besides the origin of Kumudvathi river (popularly called as Kumudvathi Tirtha). The temple is in a very diapilated state & has only the Garbagriha. We can find an inscription in front of the temple and the ruins indicate that is had a wide mukha mantapa in front of the Garbagriha. It has a 3 feet high stone idol of a Tirthankar in padmasana posture. This idol was installed by Paliakka the second wife of Vikrama Santhara & hence the name Paliakka Basadi. by The temple also called as Tirthada Basadi / Pattana Swamy Jinalaya was built by Pattanaswamy Nokkaiah Shetty in Saka year 984 on the auspicious Karthika months 5th sunday.