38th Birthday Celebrations of His Holiness Devendrakeerthi Swamiji of Hombuja

The global lockdown due to the Corona pandemic left millions of people jobless and affected their livelihood. The Jain priests of Karnataka amount to about 1,500 in nos. have been looking after and protecting the Jain Basadis through the Jain rituals and related offerings over the centuries. This priestly class was also very badly affected due to the lockdown. Akshaya Tritiya happens to be one of the very important days in the history of Jainism as it is on this very day the 1st Tirthankar of Jainism Lord Adinath took food after about a year of continuous fast and the very concept of Dhana – Charity was preached to the world on this day. On this day (25th April 2020) this year Karnataka state witnessed a unique and historic milestone. An initiative to donate Food kits to the priests of Karnataka was initiated on this day and it followed for many more days until it reached all the 1,500 plus priests & their families and some poor families. This concept of protecting the priestly class, the protectors of our Basadis through such a unique initiative was envisioned and executed by none other than His Holiness Jagadguru SwastiSri Dr. Devendrakeerthi Bhatarakha Swamiji of Hombuja Jain Math. In 2019 about 300 sheets were distributed for rebuilding the houses of Jain families in north Karnataka who were rendered homeless due to the treacherous rains. Through these noble initiatives, His Holiness Swamiji established a new benchmark and showed the world as to how pontiffs, the protectors of religion should act at times of crisis.
Indeed today (date of birth 18th May 1982) is the 38th birthday of this visionary religious leader, His Holiness Dr. Devendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji. Ever since him being consecrated as the pontiff of Hombuja Jain Math in 2011 His Holiness Swamiji has undertaken a series of developmental activities at Hombuja, it’s subsidiary Jain centers of Varanga, Hattiangadi & Kundadri and other Jain heritage centers. The Jain community is in fact blessed to have such a kind-hearted visionary leader as its pontiff. The team at www.jainheritagecentres.com wishes him a very happy birthday.
– Nitin H P, Executive Director, www.jainheritagecentres.com