Padmavati Temple

This is a brick and concrete structure that has undergone repeated renovations. It has about 2 feet high stone idol of Goddess Padmavathi and a white coloured marble idol of Lord Parshwanatha in padmasana as the main deities. This is the idol that is looked upon with high degree of devotion and reverence across the world. Both the idols are installed atop the well. Behind the temple is found the Lakki tree, related to the story of Goddess Padmavathi. The tree is protected by a concrete structure with stone idols of Nagashilpa, Lord Parshwanath, Goddess Padmavathi and Jinadattaraya.

This temple was constructed by TrailokyaMalla Veera Santhara in A.D.1062. Later, the temple was renovated in 1950. This temple is also called as Nokki Abbe temple.