Bogara Basadi


This is one of the ancient temples of Hombuja built by the Santaras. Also called as Ashokavana temple this temple belongs to the Badami Chalukyas period of around 7th & 8th century A.D. The brick compound, brick construction in the first floor and its tiled roof are all recent inclusions that have been built during renovations. But otherwise the entire temple is built in Dravidian style of architecture. One notable feature of the first floor construction is the presence of a garbagriha above the one in the ground floor. This is a very unique feature found only in the Jain temple architecture.
The pillars of the Bogara Basadi are unique and their intricate carvings are very attractive. Outside the temple are found a couple of ruined Yaksha & Yakshi idols along with some naga shilpa idols.