“Guruvandana” programme at Hombuja on the occasion of “Guru Poornima – 2015”


Hombuja (Shimoga District, Karnataka), July 31, 2015: Students of Kundakunda Vidya Peetha Gurukula and shravakas of Hombuja had organised the “Guru Vandana” programme of His Holiness Swasti Sri Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of Hombuja Jain Math at Sri Kshetra Hombuja on July 31, 2015 on the occasion of “Guru Poornima”. Students of Kundakunda Vidya Peetha Gurukula, shravakas and devotees at Hombuja paid their respects to His Holiness Swamiji by means of prayers and pada pooja to Swamiji.

On the occasion His Holiness Swamiji spoke about the importance of Guru & Guru Poornima. He said that “The status of Guru is regarded highest in Indian culture. Meaning of the very word Guru carries much significance. It means to say that his personality and veracity stand as model in the path of life.” Further he spoke about the categories of Guru – One being a terrestrial guru who moderates life externally and the other Spiritual guru who shows the path of salvation through Self realisation (Atma Jnana).
Importance of Guru Poornima in Jainism – Speaking about the importance of Guru Poornima in Jainism he said that – “According to Jainism the union of appropriate disciple with guru is considered as the most auspicious and venerable occasion i.e. Gurupurnime. This is the sacred day where Indrabuthi Gautham Ganadhara dedicated himself as the disciple of Lord Mahavira. He propagated the preachings of Lord Mahavira to the common people in a simplified and meaningful way. It was from him the Jaina Shastras (sacred books) were written”.
– Sri Kshetra Hombuja