Jain Math

Sri Jain Math, Hombuja

The Jain Math is attached to the main temple complex to its right. Its entrance is flanked by Dwarapalakas. It is the official residence of His Holiness Swasti Sri Devendrakeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji the pontiff of the Math. The main administrative office is housed in the same building.

Behind the Jain Math adjacent to the main building is attached the dining hall. Free food facilities are provided to the devotees here.

History of Hombuja Jain Math – The Jain Math at Humcha/Hombuja might have been established during the period of Jinadattaraya. There are references about the relation of the Hombuja Jain Math with Varanga. The pontiff of the Hombuja Jain Math is called as SwastiSri Devendrakeerthi Bhattraka Swamiji. The Bhattaraka at Hombuja is said to belong to the Kundakundanvaya Saraswathi Gachha tradition.


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