Bhattaraka Swamiji Speaks

Sri Kshetra Hombuja is a renowned Jain Heritage Centre in the history of Jainism in India. It is popular called as ‘Humcha Padmavati’ among the common people. Its adhyatmik pavements have further enhanced the sanctity of the place and conferred the title of atishaya kshetra.

Hombuja has its history that dates back to 8th century with a vast history of over 1200 years.  Historical references state that the city of Hombuja was established by Jinadattaraya, a devotee of Goddess Padmavati. He estabished the Santhara kingdom with Hombuja as its capital. Over the centuries Hombuja was ruled primarily by the Santharas followed by other kingdoms. Many kings & queens have immensly contributed to Hombuja’s heritage & overall development. The Vijayanagar rulers of the current Hampi had looked up on the Bhattaraka of Hombuja with great reverence and devotion. Further, the city has a great heritage of its own woing to the royal patronage.

Religiously Hombuja occupies a very unique place in the history of Jainism and is looked upon by the devotees as the Holy abode of Goddess Padmavati. It is indeed the most popular among all the Padmavati shrines in the world. Great Acharyas have contributed greatly to the glory of Hombuja. We can find the references of Jaina Acharya’s such Kundakunda, Samantha Badra, Akalanka, Pujyapada and others in many inscriptions at Hombuja.

This holy place was the seat of history, dharma, agama, literature, philosophy and thus veritably contributing to the welfare of mankind. A large number of pilgrims and devotees have derived immense tranquility and happiness in this place owing to their devotion to Goddess Padmavati.

Further, it is the need of the hour to be technologically connected with the external world through the modern means of communications to keep the younger generation and people staying in distant places informed about the activities at Hombuja. We hope that launching of the present website WWW.HOMBUJAPADMAVATI.ORG fulfills the greater need of comprehending the religious glory of the place & publicising the history, heritage, religious importance & activities at Hombuja.

We wish great prosperity and blessings for all the people.

With Blessings,

Swasti Sri Deveendrakeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji,
April 1, 2013
Sri Kshetra Hombuja Jain Math,
Hombuja, Hosanagara Taluk,
Shimoga District, Karnataka.