Hombuja (Shivamogga District, Karnataka), September 25, 2016 – App for Android and iPhones related to Sri Kshetra Hombuja has been released. The titled as “‘Padmavati Mata Humcha'” is available on Google & Apple play stores.

The App has been developed by Manoj Jain from Kolkata (West Bengal). Manoj Jain is a devotee of Hombuja and has developed this as a service to Kshetra. Mr Manoj has informed that “Regular updates related to Hombuja will be made on the App.

His Holiness Swasti Sri Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji, pontiff of Sri Kshetra Hombuja has expressed his happiness on the release of the App.

– Sri Kshetra Hombuja