Hombuja, 23rd June 2019: The bimba shuddhi rituals of the Kamatopasargha Parshwanath Tirthankar idols were held under the guidance of Muni 108 Sri Pavanakeerthi Maharaj and His Holiness SwastiSri Dr. Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji of Hombuja Jain Math. The idols of Kamatopasargha Parshwanath Tirthankar idols at the navaranga of Parshwanath Basadi were subject to Varjralepa where in their lusture was restored. Post vajralepa activities the Bimba Shuddhi rituals were held. It can be recalled here that these Kamatopsarga idols are very unique in the world with carvings of upasargas given to Lord Parshwanath in 10 different Bhavas.
– Sri Kshetra Hombuja