Hombuja & Merchants

Pattanna Swamy Nokaiah Setty a powerful officer of Veerasantha had built the Pattana Swamy Jinalaya in Hombuja and had donated a village to carry on the day to day pooja of the temple. He was called as “Samyaktva Vaarashi”. He owned many Jain idols made of Silver, Gold & precious stones.

He had built many ponds & water tanks for the betterment of people. Santhara king Tylapa had donated a village to the temple built by Pattanna Swamy Nokaiah Setty. Divakara Setty, guru of Nokaiah Setty had written a interpreter book on Tatvartha Sutra in Kannada. Unlike the kings the merchant  class have also patronised Hombjua over the centuries.